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Biometric Access Control Locks


CMOS readers, do not read the fingerprint using light. Instead a CMOS reader uses capacitors and thus electrical current to form an image of the fingerprint.

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Power over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet or PoE, pass electrical power along with data on Ethernet cabling to provide both data connection and electrical power to devices such as wireless access points or IP cameras.

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Z Wave Plus Controllers

Z Wave Automation

Z-Wave is the leading smart home technology that is inside everyday products like lights, locks, thermostats and much more.

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Lockwood 3570 Mortice Adapted Back Plate

3570 Mortise

The RTS-AU has an adapted backplate which has been designed specifically for use with the Lockwood 3570 series mortise and electric mortise.

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Featured Products

RTS-Z Biometric Wireless Access Control Digital Lock
RTS-PZ Access Control Digital Lock

Products we provide

RTS Biometric Access Control Digital Lock

High Security
RTS Biometric Series Locks

Security professionals understand the value of advanced access control for authentication purposes. The RTS Series of Biometric Access Control Digital Locks features both fingerprint and PIN code authentication and includes the ability to easily customize access schedules.
RTS-Z Wireless Biometric Access Control Digital Lock

Exceptional Quality
RTS Biometric Series Locks

Relitouch's Heavy Duty components provide uncompromising commercial grade quality. Tested to over 2 million duty cycles. Outdoor side is 100% weatherproof (snow, dust, rain, etc.) and the latch is 3-hour UL fire-rated.
RTS-P PIN Code Access Control Digital Lock

Low Price & Costs
RTS-P PinCode Series Locks

Any advanced access control system will set you back many thousands of dollars, even when discounted. The RTS-P PIN Code Access Control Digital Lock provides all the top of the line features at half that price or less with significantly lower operating costs.
RTS-PZ Wireless PIN Code Access Control Digital Lock

Excellent Versatility
RTS-P Series PinCode Lock

Designed for both residential and commercial building installations. With an elegant and modern finish, it can be installed both on the left or right hand (non-handed design) and offers the highest flexibility for access methods available today.

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